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“There is no institution in the universe that can be equal to the experience one gains from doing his own empirical groundwork” - says  Mr.Adityaram


Adityaram - Billionaire in chennai

A Born Entrepreneur​

MR.ADITYARAM - Founder Chairman & Managing Director at Adityaram Group

A Living Legend Mr.Adityaram, is a multifaceted personality who possesses exceptional entrepreneurial skills. He is passionate about his work and thoroughly enjoys his role as an entrepreneur. His massive success can be assessed from the fact that his own brainchild Adityaram Group has grown enormously from 400 sq.ft to Legendary Empire at ECR.

Real Estate Tycoon
Self Driven Entrepreneur
Common-sense Billionaire

Rise of Genius

Adityaram was born in Jeganatpuram, a small hamlet in the East Godavari District of the Andhra Pradesh. After completing his schooling he pursued Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Department and mastered in it. When he was a student itself, he was visionary, principled, quick learner, forward thinker, shouldered his leadership skills, had his passion for business and attended Entrepreneurship Development Programmed by ITCOT, Chennai. During his college days, he was well known for his interest and passion for business. After his college timings, he used to excellently spend his time in Guindy Technical Library for aggressively analyzing the various industries and opportunities to become a successful businessman. After a thorough research and analysis he concluded that real estate will be the successful future though his family background was Agriculture.​

Realestate Businessman in Chennai

Adityaram Corporate Office, Chennai.

Growth of The Giant

The journey and growth of Adityaram Group have been phenomenal directly under Mr.Adityaram’s Leadership. In his early twenties itself he had the foresight to see the untapped the potentiality of Real Estate Industry and utilized the opportunities. Magnanimous launches of his Projects continuously and consistently into different phases made his dream to build Premium Realty Development with good infrastructure with premium standards of professionalism, principles and customer service and growth to the people and economy was brought true.

Full Of Foresight and Insight

Mr.Adityaram observed the market, the global economic changes, the process cycle and identifying the opportunities and made quick decisions with his business strategies and initiated the journey of Real Estate. The distinctive nature of his strategic moves with patience as the key made him stance out as Real Estate Tycoon. His path was driven through intuition with unfailing efforts and years of perseverance is the reason for transformation which have culminated into varied streaks in his business of success collectively knows as “ ADITYARAM GROUP”

Adityaram Properties (P)Ltd
Adityaram Studios (P) Ltd
Adityaram Movies
Adityaram Housing (P) Ltd
Adityaram Infrastructure Projects LLP
Adityaram Convention and Resorts
Adityaram World Making Developers (P) Ltd
Adityaram Flourishing Ventures (P) Ltd
Adityaram Charitable Trust

Leadership cannot be given, You have to earn it

Adityaram - Realestate Tycoon

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